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Local Phone Services

The Voice Network & Coverage Areas:

Axia provides nationwide local phone service across a comprehensive carrier backbone that covers 98.5% of the contiguous U.S. Beyond the large carrier footprint and local service termination points, Axia maintains local number portability (LNP) in about 92% of their national network. This means that your telephone numbers, from your existing local phone provider, can be ported to Axia in most of the US. Currently, there are only a few independent phone territories and some Indian Reservations throughout the U.S. that are excluded from our service offerings.

As a national voice service provider, Axia ports thousands of numbers monthly and switches millions of minutes of local, long distance, and toll traffic. We are the virtualized LEC and have market share that incorporates many major hospital networks, municipals, banks, schools and universities, and other private and publically traded corporations across the U.S.

local phone services

Delivery Methods:

All Axia local phone services are delivered via IP/SIP and can be made to function as traditional TDM connections for delivery via POTS, CENTREX, or PRI services.  Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) is an extremely important part of transitioning IP services on the back end to traditional TDM services (traditional phone services) on the front end.

How It Works:

When your business is ready to take advantage of the Power of IP, added redundancy, and reduced costs through convergence, you can reach out to a member of our dedicated sales staff for a quick service evaluation.

A professional and experienced team member will evaluate your current telecommunications needs and prepare a customized formal quote. Once you have a formal quote and tailored business solutions, you can evaluate and decide on selection of service.

As soon as the initial documents are signed and returned you will be transitioned to an Axia Project Manager. From there, they will guide you through the step by step transition of service process. He/she will allocate appropriate engineering resources and will prepare and define all project timelines. There is very minimal work on your part during the transition, and all of the documentation, legal filings, and project timelines are managed by your dedicated project management staff member.

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Axia SIP Features:

  • BTN and DID Numbers available in 98.5% of the U.S.
  • Discounted International Calling
  • Codec Support: G.711 & G.729A
  • CALEA Compliance
  • Accurate VoIP Tax Compliance Nationwide

Available Options:

  • 411 Directory Listing with Directory Assistance
  • Enhanced 911 service access
  • Local Number Portability
  • Discounted inbound Toll-Free (with RespOrg compliance)
  • Business Continuity and Fail-over
  • Load balancing across multiple locations
  • Least cost routing long distance
  • Automatic outbound fail-over for redundancy

For further information contact us toll free at: 866.459.5360 opt. 2 or via email at: sales@axiatp.com

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